Getting the Ball Rolling… 1st Post

My name is Michael McDerment and this is my blog. I am an entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant.  Since 1999 I have been consulting with companies to help them get more from the Internet.  Since late 2000 I have been teaching people how to make web sites at Humber College and the Learning Annex. Since 2003 my primary focus has been building 2ndSite.

Why am I writing a blog? Who knows. I have founded two start ups, Anicon (Internet Marketing Consultants) and 2ndSite (online invoicing, customer help desk and timesheet service). But why blog? For kicks I guess. That said, some might say I have worthwhile prospective on many things Internet related. It is a fascinating space and I see opportunities everywhere. In fact, there are a hundred things I would do on the Internet if I had the time, and perhaps those hundred things will make for interesting future reading…

6 thoughts on “Getting the Ball Rolling… 1st Post

  1. Hi Michael,
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  2. Thanks for the note Raymond…I’m afraid I don’t have quite enought to go on from your post. Please post more here or send me a note – my email is at the top of the page.


  3. Jamie McDerment

    hmmmm, last name looks familar, but you dont!

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