Does PageRank Matter?

In the field of Internet marketing, especially Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there has [at times] been a great emphasis placed upon PageRank. PageRank is Google’s representation of link popularity. [Go here to learn a little more about PageRank and link popularity from Anicon’s point of view].

Because the SEO “pundits” started hanging their hats on PageRank, Google stopped calculating it in a timely manner. As a result, PageRank scores today can be misleading and out of date and many of the most high-minded SEO’s around recommend uninstalling the Google toolbar and no longer paying attention to PageRank measurements. Fair enough I say. But here is why PageRank matters to me: conversions.

The endgame for almost any web site is conversions. When I visit a web site I’ve never been to before, I look at the “PageRank” of the web site. To me PageRank is more of a credibility index than anything. For example, I would feel more confident making a purchase or requesting a service from a web site with a PageRank of seven than I would from a web site with the PageRank of three. Therefore I more likely to convert (try, buy, or recommend) a product, article or service from web site with a high PageRank. Because of this, I believe PageRank matters. Furthermore, it is more commonly advanced internet users like myself who use toolbars which display PageRank. More advanced users are commonly thought leaders who influence others. If PageRank matters to us, and we (as influences) matter to you because we may tell others about your products and services and/or recommend you, PageRank has significance. Therefore, PageRank still matters.

6 thoughts on “Does PageRank Matter?

  1. I thank you for your comment.

  2. I agree, this is important but doesn’t the number still matter, even if it’s out of date?

    If a site has a PR of 0, isn’t that still going to reflect in their search positioning?

  3. Botton line – don’t focus on PageRank…it’s out of date and misleading many times these days anyhow.

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