Roger Davis says, and Yung Wu shows, Persistence in Life is the Key to Success

I was invited to participate in a focus group for founders and CEO’s (there were 6 of us) at Marsdd today.  It involved three former AT&T executives (Steve Carson, Jim Meenan and Roger Davis), known around Mars as the “three amigos” and was moderated by Peter Evans and Veronika Litinski.  The purpose of the focus group was to find points of pain for Start-up CEOs. 
Yung Wu founder and CEO of Casetek gave a speech to about 40 other CEOs of Toronto startups after the focus group was held.  Yung has quite a story with some real ups and downs.  It turns out he learned one of his core values was “Never Quit (N.F.Q.)”.  At the bar after the presentaion Roger Davis pointed out that the single biggest key to success is “persistence in life”.  Yung is a fine example.  I’ll share some more tomorrow.

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