Marketing Web Applications From the Bottom Up

One more thing Yung Wu mentioned when he spoke was to challenge the conventional wisdom.  One area where I find myself doing this a lot lately is in the marketing of emerging/distruptive technologies – in particular Web applications.  While ruminating on the subject I came across this article:

“Ross Mayfield, chief executive of Socialtext, calls this ”bottom up” adoption, where rank-and-file workers discover software that makes their jobs easier, and that software eventually spreads throughout the company. ”All great productivity applications — e-mail, instant messaging, spreadsheets — have not been brought into the enterprise from the top down,” Mayfield says. ”They’ve done it from the bottom up.” 

* pilfered from here.

Tools, toys and apps are being passed from the bottom-up.  Fostering community and turning over controls to your users are the drivers in this process.

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