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I have been thinking about the impact of on Search.  Having  people organize and rank content has huge potential in efforts to determine relevancy.  Google has been using its tool bar to collect information about “who bookmarks what” for some time now. a living breathing manifestion of this and I had thought that Google might be interested in buying because of their data – or at least figuring out how to crawl it.  I thought of some issues with using this data in a an algorithm factor (i.e. only geeks are using delicious….not a very wide ranging sample group), so I figured it could not achieve too much relevance in the algorithms.

Today I was reading The Globe and see Google has released their own tagging service.  Here is what Danny Sullivan has to say about it:

Labels let you describe what something is about. Want to list an actual web page in Google? No problem! You can enter a URL, assign it some words, and away you go. How heavily labels will be used as part of the ranking process remains to be seen. But I already have seen enough to find the entire thing a big giant step backwards.What’s a page about? Isn’t analyzing every word on the page better than depending on hand categorization? How about using some of the copious amounts of technology that exist to break down a document to main keywords or themes? Going to labels isn’t Search 2.0 or Search 3.0, it’s flipping backwards to Search 1.0.

One thought on “Google Labels/Tagging

  1. Hi, I’m a new gmail user and I’m enjoying it very much except for one thing. It seems that maybe gmail is only for the really sharp software savy user while I am pretty simple not dumb or ignorant just struggle with the way labels are used. I just can’t invite anyone because of my struggle with how to use them. Most people use a email provider that has folders and it seems that most people understand folders. Maybe the majority of people aren’t savy software users or maybe they like the folders. I’m a pretty organized fellow and currently labels are not doing it for me. If only there was a pretty simple tutorial or web site that gives good examples of how to use the labels. If there is I just haven’t found it. Maybe you could send me the link? Other than that I’m a gmail user

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