Canadian Web 2.0 Companies / Entrepreneurs

Do you know any Canadian Web 2.0 Companies and/or Entrepreneurs?  If you do please comment on this post (see below) and tell me about them or email me (see above).  Please be sure to include the company name and a URL. I’m trying to get a list together and I am hoping this is a good way to start.  (It’s also an experiment…so please participate!)


29 thoughts on “Canadian Web 2.0 Companies / Entrepreneurs

  1. “does flickr still count even though it's been acquired by yahoo? to be honest, i can't think of any that come to mind. that's sad.”

  2. I'm from Edmonton and have created the blog Web 2.0 Central to track cool Web 2.0 companies. I'm also working on a Web 2.0 startup to launch sometime in 2006.I know <a href="">Verbster</a&gt; is based in B.C.

  3. “We are working hard on a project to bring legitimate peer to peer media sharing to a browser near you. We building off of the PIXPO code base and leveraging AJAX…..Personal Broadcasting from your desktop. Also, Dick Hardt or Active State fame is working on a web 2.0 project called SXIP that focuses on identity.”

  4. “Sxip was the one I was going to mention, but it's still in the early stages.”

  5. “Hi:Bryght is a year old Web 2.0 company that provides hosted Web 2.0 websites ("the of Websites"). We are based in Vancouver, BC.Email me roland AT or call me at 604 729 7924 or blog about us and we'll find out through the magic of Web 2.0 🙂 ! “

  6. is Toronto based. I have a few in the works. We'll see what happens with them.

  7. Vancouver 2.0 Web Development SIGvan2-dev@googlegroups.com

  8. “Mexens Technologies is global — NYC, Europe, Canada — bringing the world the Navizon Wireless Positioning System (a successful blend of WiFi, Cellular and GPS Positioning technologies).Sales, Marketing & BD based in Muskoka!

  9. “ – online classifieds that are Free, Fast, and Easy to post and browse. Simpler than eBay. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba! Very cool technology mashup of Google Maps, RSS, Amazon type stuff.”

  10. Rich Internet Group:We've been building Rich Internet software for three+ years. Started now in AJAX and other Web 2.0 technologies. Located downtown toronto.

  11. “Favorville is about “people helping people” – it’s a new kind of web community, a tool that makes it possible for people to find ways to help one another and build lasting connections while doing so.”

  12. Otavo seems to be based in St. Catharines Ontario.

  13. “This one looks beta but after creating a profile I see AJAX, Tags, Voip, and Location. Not bad for a dating site? Way Kewl – I'm in love (with the site) now to find a girl..”

  14. “Nuvvo is a Web 2.0 elearning service by Savvica, a Toronto-based team:

  15. “ is student community aimed at Life Outside the Classroom. We have brought togeher many aspects of Myspace, craigslist, and facebook into a centralize source. We are currently enhancing the site with ajax to better user experienceWe are based in Ontario with presence in Toronto and Ottawa”

  16. Canocal – Canada’s Local Grapevine

    Find local events all throughout Canada, read or write reviews for restaurants, events, entertainment, or simply find a place to meet new people with similar interests. Canocal is a search platform, a social network, travel guides, a review site and newspapers and more – all rolled up into one little website packed with lots of goodies.

  17. I was sitting in an internet cafe in Europe thinking, “wouldn’t it be cool to have a map of this net cafe and the nearby hostels, restaurants and bars?” If you have done the backpacking thing like me, you were most likely walking on foot everywhere… So now I’m back home and I hope that people travelling to Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia or New Zealand can make use of Boomtrek with over 1.3 million places-of-interest (business listings) in now over 974 regions. Also, coming this month I will be introducing synchronization of data feeds over Wi-Fi to your Pocket PC handheld with FREE PDA software called Boomtrek m2Logic! See for info. Safe travels, —James

  18. is a web2.0 classifieds site that is completely free, easy to use, requires no registration or membership. Its coverage includes every single city in Canada. It includes an AJAX interface for an enhanced user experience and is being enhanced on an ongoing basis.

  19. Hi. Here is a new news site – Why is it new? Answer is that all news are submitted and voted by users, therefore only interesting or important news to you will end up on main page.

  20. […] Canadian Web 2.0 Companies / EntrepreneursDo you know any Canadian Web 2.0 Companies and/or Entrepreneurs? If you do please Nuvvo is a Web 2.0 elearning service by Savvica, a Toronto-based team: […]

  21. Our startup – ITDynamo – launched recently – a Newsmastering portal for Newsmasters.

    We are maintaining several subject-specific RSS-based information channels we call “News Radars”.

    One of our NewsRadars is “Web 2.0 and Canada” ( providing us and our visitors with constant stream of articles, news, blogs and multimedia related to Web 2.0 companies and enterpreneurs in Canada. Check it out.

  22. There’s a job search engine for the Canadian market

  23. There’s this new startup in Vancouver that’s integrating online/offline shopping. They’ve been making some noise lately.

  24. […] Canadian Web 2.0 Companies / EntrepreneursCanadian Web 2.0 Companies / EntrepreneursDo you know any Canadian Web 2.0 Companies and/or Entrepreneurs? If you do please Nuvvo is a Web 2.0 elearning service by Savvica, a Toronto-based team: http […]

  25. […] Canadian Web 2.0 Companies / Entrepreneurs … do please Nuvvo is a Web 2.0 elearning service by Savvica, a Toronto-based team: … Web 2.0 ” Blog Archives ” eClass 2.0 – Durga eLearning Solutions … […]

  26. Montreal based WEb 2.0 Startup

    Roll A Name is not a social networking site like any other. This is a site that focuses on visibility and self-promotion, and will help you promote just about anything you want.

  27. If your looking for local and global web events from free co-sponsored webinars through large 1200 attendee events look no further…

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