The Validator is Invalid

There has been lots of debate about what Web 2.0 is, and this tool proves it.

I typed in and was a little downhearted when I saw 2ndSite got a 3/33 score.  With a sigh I punched in  Turns out Basecamp gets a 4/33.  Maybe I’m reading this thing wrong…

Certainly I’ve come no closer to understanding what Web 2.0 is all about thanks to using this tool.  I guess this is another example of the trend-surfing clutter that is polluting the Web 2.0 landscape and wasting my time.  No offence to the guys at 30 Second Rule.  It’s a humorous little tool they brought to life, so hats off for that. It’s just so many of the “Web 2.0” apps do nothing…but clutter.  I don’t see this stopping and I reiterate that the trend of itty-bitty apps that do very little will continue, and users will have to slog through piles of it to get to what they need (read the second half). I’m going to write another Web 2.0 essay soon…not sure the solution to clutter will be in that one though, but we’ll see…

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