An Honest Account

Toronto-based VC Rick Segal posted a forthright account of the VC opportunity assessment “process” today.  It’s an excellent document for anyone trying to raise capital because you can’t read this thing and fail to see the effort that goes into getting the venture capital relationship solidified.

As an aside, this is an excellent example of “breaking through” as I touched on in the ‘finding your voice’ piece.  Basically, Rick’s post is going to save him time and help entrepreneurs set their expectations.  This piece captures Rick’s voice as honest, approachable, and transparent.  I’ve never done business with him – or met him for that matter – but he’s done well in communicating these attributes because they matter in business.  He also makes it clear that he is not interested in “wasting your time”, something that really matters to entrepreneurs and something the Canadian VC community is repeatedly accused of – often by self admission.

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