State of the Corporation – January 2006

So much is going on here, it’s hard to explain.

I gave my state of the corporation speech on Monday.  Things have never been better.  We are making decisions, making changes – great, big (yet not so big ) changes.  Our VISION has expanded, our STRATEGY has been clarified.  That might seem like an oxymoron – it’s not. 

Bigger. Clearer. More focused. I am excited.

With this post, I am getting back on the blogging horse.  Here’s a hint of things to come: before long it won’t be just my blog to which I am posting.

Great. Change.  Opportunity.  These three words capture where 2ndSite Inc. is in Jan 2006. 

Don’t believe the hype.  Feel the excitement. Stay tuned and I’ll give you the play by play. 

Next stop: change #1.  Pricing.

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