I'm Tired of Beta

I wrote this November 23rd, 2005:

I’m tired of Beta.

Why do I have to visit sites that say Beta?  It’s like a badge, like “Hello My name is”.  Why not change it to “perpetual Beta” – That says to me that your company is going to keep working on it, not just use a catch phrase to spark interest, if that is not what you are planning to do, I’d rather see “Web 2.0 company” and I be happy with, “New”. Let’s bring back the old “New”. Arggh!.@_@!!!

Yesterday I listened to a podcast with Jason Fried. Turns out have quite a bit in common.  For starters:

1. We both studied finance in University
2. We are both self taught designer/developers
3. We both try to hire English majors
4. We’re both tired of Beta.

Jason has, and continues, to articulate his perspective on product development very effectively.  He communicates succinctly – like his designs.  People are listening.  He is almost handedly shifting the software development paradigm.  For example, we (at 2ndSite/Anicon) have never designed an application by focusing on the backend – frankly I would not know how.  Apparently this is how software development is taught.  I had no idea.  If you listen to Jason, he has taken this one small point and run with it.  The conviction he possesses is remarkable.  I tip my hat.

…seriously, I’ll get to pricing…

One thought on “I'm Tired of Beta

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