Short Comings of Wikis

Levi and I are presenting 2ndSite at Demo Camp next week.  The date has been changed.  I had no idea untill someone emailed me (NOT one of the event organizers).

RSS and email lists manage something like a change of event date very efficiently.  Adding RSS to a Wiki so participants are aware when notifications/communications of this nature may be good idea.  I’ve not seen many wiki’s (I’m pretty new to them), so this may be one out there already.  Please let me know if there is.

3 thoughts on “Short Comings of Wikis

  1. “I mentioned the same thing to David Crow. I think he's considering moving to a different platform, and he says there are wikis that do support RSS. Which ones though, I don't know.”

  2. “I emailed Chris Messina (aka FactoryJoe aka The Patron Saint of Barcamp) about helping to upgrade the current Kwiki install to include the RSS support.Jay and I talked about this a couple of weeks ago, and then posted about the change on think that the lack of RSS in the Kwiki is unacceptable. Other wiki platforms support publishing and RSS feed of recent changes, and allow RSS subscriptions to specific pages. We're working on it. It is also the "disadvantage" of the "unconference". There is no real organizer, just a convener. “

  3. “The <a href="">BarCamp wiki has moved</a> to the PBWiki.PBWiki supports includes:* RSS alerts* HTML support* Built-in search* File storage capability (10MB for free users and 1000MB for premium users)* Revision history* 1-click ability to backup your wiki* SSL encrypted access* Pre-made skins for free users and unlimited customization for premium users* Support by email and forumThis should help, because I agree, the lack of RSS changes forced me to have to visit the wiki daily to check for changes.”

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