Demo Camp Tease

DemoCamp was great.

Saw some great presentations and enjoyed the opportunity to share some of what we have learned as we’ve built 2ndSite.

My schedule has been insane this week and I don’t see any daylight till late next week.  I’ll post more about Demo camp once I get up for sir, but in the meantime, check out Favorville.

This is a two person project by two nice and unassuming Toronto guys.  When I made this call my to Canadian web 2.0 entrepreneurs they posted and emailed me to ask if I would blog about them.  I went to their website and could not validate that they were Canadian – or for that matter, where they were from.  As a result, I thought they were web 2.0 spam and did not blog.

So, here’s my Web 2.0 tip of the day: don’t be ashamed of where you come from.  Tell the Story.  People like stories and they like to know where you came from.  And if you tell them they will have something to write about in their blog 😉

P.S. is well worth a look as well.  That’s’s handiwork.

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