More About Clutter

I know I am kind of obsessed with the concept of clutter online, but here is a great post on the subject.

Clutter is going to continue online. User attention is finite. Recommendations will help useful “things” “break through”. I foresee a whole class of applications/services springing up that help cut through the clutter…not unlike or epinions, but perhaps more and more niche.

Anyhow, one other money point in the article is you don’t try to change people, you just try to help them get done what they are already doing – better. I know we’ve had success with this.

More on clutter to come.

Tip of the day: make it easy for people to recommend you.  There are many levels to that statement.  All of them matter, but putting a simple mechanism in place (i.e. tell you friends email) is vital.

2 thoughts on “More About Clutter

  1. “Vertical and niche search may help cut through the clutter.Cheers,Peter”

  2. Just noticed this service in my web logs.Looks like google is trying to help combat clutter with its own service: search has always been great with relevancy IMO. This service looks like the sort of thing I am talking about….timely.

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