DemoCamp3 Follow Up & Toronto Web 2.0 Conference Ideas

Thanks to David Crow, the folks at Tucows and all the presenters. DemoCamp 3 was great. I made it to the bar this time too, and it was nice to add a more social dimension to the event and meet some sharp locals.

Okay – so I mentioned that Mathew Ingram, Rob Hydnman, Mark Evans myself are putting together a conference this May – date & location are being finalized now and we’ll have a website up in about 3 weeks with all the details.

What’s different about this conference?
First off, this is a grass roots thing. Basically the we are enthusiasts and we recognized that Toronto needed a little Web 2.0 injection from real thought leaders. Our goal for this conference is to put on a quality (read top notch keynotes included, plus catered meals) two day conference with a grassroots feel.  It will be a paid conference and include panels and workshops as well as the keynotes, and we’ll have some bargain basement pricing for 50 or so students.

Why should you attend?
Everyone is wrestling with the change going on online today – let’s call it Web 2.0. You need to be able to understand the trends and see your way through them to be able to take advantage of them and strategize carrying forward. With those goals in mind we are going to cover four streams of content:

– Effects on Media
– Effects on Marketing
– Effects on Venture/Financing
– Effects on Social/Political Spectrums

So…given all of that, we are hoping you can help us by telling us what you would like to hear about within those four streams. There is a lot to discuss, so please sound off by posting your comments below. We’ll take your feedback into account as we invite more panelists and design workshops.


6 thoughts on “DemoCamp3 Follow Up & Toronto Web 2.0 Conference Ideas

  1. “Two words: Joicho Ito.Oh, and TorCamp rules.”

  2. “It's interesting…few comments on this post, but I have received a growing list of personal emails from it. If you are not comfortable posting, by all means shoot me an email, my address is listed at the top of the page.”

  3. “As I mentioned on Mark and Rob's blogs, I'd love to be involved any way I can. Great idea guys!”

  4. Awesome idea! a great opportunity for students to get a taste of the industry.

  5. I look forward to making the pilgrimage from Montreal to Toronto for this.Hail 2.0.

  6. Web2.0 is all about collective participation.Here is a concept for “Consumer Led Innovation” harnessing Web2.0. Find more here->

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