Stories for Blogs

Just read Scoble’s post about being overwhelmed by the blog slog. He mentions stories towards the end and how the human interest aspect of blogging is getting muscled aside by the relentless grind of blogging about everything that is going on every second in the blogosphere. [Note: that grind would make good fodder for the Web 2.0 Toronto conference this May…I’ll pass it on]. Anyhow, here is the deal. Robert mentioned a contest for stories and I’m going to make it happen. I just bought the URL:

I’m going to run with that domain for now, and get a barebones message up on that site in the next 24 hours or so. It will outline some mechanism for submitting stories…guidelines for what kind of stories we are looking for…some timelines…make a call for panelist judges…

That’s enought for now. Please give me a hand and spread the word…

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