How to Write Comments for Blogs

I just wrote two comments on Scoble’s blog.  Having done that, I realized what a poor comment writer I am.

Writing comments SHOULD BE a personal connection.  It’s different than writing a post because a post is one-to-many whereas a comment OUGHT to be one-to-one, but publicly available.

To make it more personal, HERE IS MY TIP:  start your comment with the “NAME:” of the person who writes the blog.  For example, if you are commenting to me on this blog, start it with “Mike: blah blah blah” It helps with establishing that personal connection. 

Here is another take on that personal connection that makes comments “real”.

Marlon Brando used to worry about this “one to one” connection on set.  Marlon liked to talk to the crew between takes.  While talking to a camera person Brando would, say “start rolling film”.  He would continue his conversation…while the camera rolled. 

Why?  The conversation was real, authentic, not acted. 

Part way through the conversation with the camera person he would break into the dialog and the character of the scene.  He used the conversation with the camera crew as a touch stone…to know where “real” was.

This injection of personal interest was inspired by this.

8 thoughts on “How to Write Comments for Blogs

  1. “Mike, Thank you very much for this information. I feel like I am in grade one learning how to write. Blogging is a completely different experience for me and I appreciate this kind of help. The Syndicate Conference is coming to Toronto in June and I am the conference producer and I have a strong computer background but blogging well this is a whole new world. I would appreciate any comments on my blog as I am really a novice. Also if you can link to it that would be great. Oh and I can't resist Syndicate Canada comes to the Toronto Convention Centre June 14 & 15 it is going to be a really great event.Jai”

  2. “Sometimes I wonder about you. Many of your blogs are interesting and thought provoking but, at times, it seems you are regurgitating other people's thoughts.Everyone has their own style and it would be very disingenuous to start off by using your name if you're just doing it because you feel that's the accepted way of addressing the blogger. Please stop this madness!The best way to make a connection is to be sincere. You're basically asking people to be phony and act like sheep. Please get back to blogging about interesting things.P.S. Keep it real, yo. Respect.”

  3. “Clyde…Thanks for the feedback.If you say I’m regurgitating, then I guess I have to say that great minds think alike because I’ve never heard any of this before…it was news to me when I posted it…mind you, my friend Jerry King would say fools seldom differ…<grin>Anyway, if you don’t like the tip, don’t use it. I made a comment yesterday without starting with the name because I didn’t think it was appropriate. Everything with a grain of salt, right? I just know little ‘tricks/best practices’ in any kind of writing can be helpful…this one works for me – when needed. Thought some other people might benefit…As for asking people to be disingenuous, I guess all I can do is encourage you to read the post again…the whole point of it (from my point of view) is to help people communicate sincerely which is something that can be hard to do online. It's not hard because people are fake (though I will grant you some people are), it's hard because it is a new medium and foreign to many. Thanks again for the feedback. You managed to connect without starting your comment with my name…”

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  7. Mike, i did not heard about that when you comments on blog make personal connection with Writer. but its good to know .

    I want to share my experienced.

    Blog post should be relevant to the topic and bit informative too for the readers.

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