Toronto Web 2.0 Conference Website is Up

Okay….I know it’s about a week and half after we said it would be ready, but we had to change our venue and our dates , and now that that is all done, we’re ready to roll:

Here’s the link to Stuart’s welcome post.

Mark Evans, Stuart MacDonald, Rob Hyndman, Mathew Ingram and I are all really excited. Check out the speakers (Om Malik , Jason Fried, Tara Hunt, Steve Rubel and Paul Kedrosky name a few!), they are amazing, and that list does not include the stars we’ll be telling you about in the coming weeks.

Two things to know:

1) THE SCHEDULE is not yet posted, but the content is going to be excellent.  Just look at the speakers again and you’ll know that is true.  We’ll have more schedule info up in the next week or two.
2) BEING THERE: some people found the site before we released it (funny…!).  Believe it or not we actually had sales before we officially released the site (i.e. you are reading the official release).  People are coming from Cleveland and Ottawa and other non-Toronto locations.  So my two cents is, register ASAP if you want to come.  The event is only seven weeks away, but its looking like the tickets won’t last that long.  That said, please give us a hand a blog about this thing or send an email to anyone you think might be interested.  Thanks.

Hope to see you there!

One thought on “Toronto Web 2.0 Conference Website is Up

  1. “That was probably me, I grabbed 2 tickets, there was a link from horsepigcow yesterday.When buying tickets for more then 1 person how can I be sure It was recorded correctly. You are only taking down email addresses.”

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