7 thoughts on “2ndSite Hits 50,000 Users and Earns a Web 2.0 Award

  1. Would love to do a brief case on your company for a thesis I'm writing at MIT on software startups. Would you be interested?

  2. Dharmesh: I'd love to. Can you shoot me an email or call? My contact info is at the top of the page.- Mike

  3. Congrat to you and the team! This now makes me ask the question publically – is there a need for a "Canadian" Web 2.0 Awards? Or "Dynamic Web" as Mark Evans suggests a new name be on his blog. Some type of event that recognizes all the great companies and people who are involved in this new web and make it happen.

  4. “Can you help out a starting company with a cool product coming out and tell me what does 50,000 users look like on a server end..how many servers of what kind can one expect at the 50,000 mark”

  5. “Dave: thanks. Some mechanism to unite and recognize successful companies (and up and comers) is a great idea…start-ups can always use the recognition and opportunities to meet with other like minded individuals. I'm not sure it's an event that we need, but some mechanism and or organization would be excellent.Trevor: I would say just get started. It does not sound like you have 50,000 users yet, so focus on building your user base to 50,000 users, then worry about how to organize your servers to manager 50,000.If you do have 50,000 users now – or are close – I would not want to hazard a guess because I just do not know enough about your business, your users, their frequency of use or the importance of their data. These factors will affect your decisions with regards to servers. I will plug one of our key service providers, Rackspace.com. They have been with us since we opened our doors to the public and they have been a great fit for 2ndSite. You might want to give them a ring and see what they have to say and I trust they will be able to help you begin to design the setup you need.”

  6. “Hey Mike, I gonna give you the referal for Rackspace. They delivered a wonderful proposal this week and are just what the doctor ordered. There service is amazing Thanks alot!”

  7. “Sweet Bernie….you won't regret choosing them as a partner – they've been great to us.Re referral: That's great. Our account is under Anicon so that's the name to drop, and if that does not work, just mention my name. Thanks.”

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