Deliver Your Elevator Pitch at mesh

Quick note about mesh

Since we are gathering all kinds of interesting speakers and attendees, and we will have everyone’s attention for two days, we wanted to take the opportunity to give some exposure to a handful of up-and-comers who might really benefit from some exposure.  Basically we are going to turn over the stage/microphone for about 5 minutes to a handful of entrepreneurs, start-ups and do-gooders with great stories about what they are doing right now in the web 2.0 space.  In fact, it could be you!  The spots will be awarded based on you writing us a 250 word version of your story – whatever that may be.

So, go here and get more details and/or submit your story.

One thought on “Deliver Your Elevator Pitch at mesh

  1. “This is great! a good idea, we were planning to unveil to select people at mesh to begin with. “

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