Wiki For mesh Now Live

We are pleased to announce the release of the mesh conference wiki.  There is a pile of excellent content in there, virtually all thanks to the efforts of David Crow (thank you David!).

You can use the wiki to arrange rides to the conference, places to stay, your entertainment in Toronto and lots more.  Also of note are the following upcoming additions to the wiki.

1. Unconference Room Scheduling: We have left one room wide open over the course of the entire conference.  Centrally located, the idea is that the space is open to all attendees to use for demos, put on their own workshops, and anything else.  The wiki will be used to schedule time in the room.

2. Session Blogging: Soon we will be putting up a list of all the sessions and asking for VOLUNTEERS to blog each event.  We will then use the wiki to connect the dots and point some traffic to the respective volunteer postings (more accurately, the volunteer can do this themselves – it’s a wiki after all!).

3. Session Photographers: We will also be looking VOLUNTEERS to photograph each session.  Again, photos or a link to them will accompany each session and all of that will be available on the wiki.

So, check out the wiki and thanks again David and a special thanks also to for Sunir from Social Text who offered up the wiki.  Giddyup!

Stuart posted some more info here.  Mathew made a nice post touching on at the role of wikis fit in our conference.  Rob jotted something down here.

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