The Excitement Builds and Fame Is Spreading

mesh is getting close…I can feel it and it is exciting.  I am meeting with speakers to prepare panels…having dinners, having drinks.  Very human.  Very fun.

As you may already know, the mesh organizers (of which I am one), have been striving for a third way to run a conference: less PowerPoint and more coffee breaks, to connect. One of our un-stated goals (I trust I speak on behalf of the other four members when I say this) is that we want to share and spread the enthusiasm and the excitement we have.

One of the ways we are doing this is by providing a platform for a select group of start-ups and instigators to have 5 minutes on stage at mesh.  We are calling it 15 Minutes of Fame.  Today we released the winners (we had many great entries).  I recommend checking Stewart’s post and Mathew‘s post to learn more about them. RobMark and are also talking about 15 Minutes today.

By the way, if you want to see a glowing post about mesh and what we are trying to do, have a look at what Miss Rogue is saying…shucks.

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