Introducing FreshBooks

From the brand new blog:

It is with great excitement that we make the following announcement:

After two years of dutiful service, we are retiring the NAME of our online invoicing service “2ndsite”, and renaming it

We’re excited.  It’s a new name and a Fresh start.

To coincide (well almost…) with the release of our new name, we will be releasing a new version of our service in two weeks time.  The new release includes some excellent usability of enhancements, as well as the ability to send invoices by first-class mail for the US post (including a return envelope).  All existing FreshBooks/2ndSite users will have their ACCOUNTS UPGRADED in to include these features in two weeks time in the manner that we roll out our regular bi monthly upgrades.

[Note: If you can’t wait two weeks, you can try the new service,  but keep this in mind: don’t invest your time setting up a sneak peek account because ALL SNEAK PEEK accounts will be DELETED in two weeks.  Why?  Please don’t ask, just know that if you want to try the new service in advance, that your sneak peek account will be deleted.  Go here and you can create a regular account that will be upgraded in two weeks with everyone else.]

Why are really releasing a ground mail service?  Honestly, many of our users are confused as to why an online invoicing service would release a service that helps people send invoices in the mail.  The fact is many businesses want to do their billing online, but don’t know how to make the transition to online billing, or can’t afford to build their own proprietary online billing system.  FreshBooks is the solution for these businesses. 

Instead of having to build your own proprietary online billing system, companies can now create a FreshBooks account, import their clients and send their invoices [there is even an API so you can integrate FreshBooks with your existing accounting systems if you need to] – it’s easy and fast.  Gradually your clients who receive invoices in the mail will transition to online billing and your business will save the money it used to spend on postage and envelopes and fulfillment.

Billing is a pain – a costly pain for many businesses.  FreshBooks is the painless billing solution and it’s low-cost.

That’s the news for today.  A new name.  A new release [coming very soon].  We have more news coming – lots of it in fact –, so stay tuned and we will fill you in on the details.

Well…there it is folks…I hope it was worth the wait…

2 thoughts on “Introducing FreshBooks

  1. Excellent! Congratutions on the new name and site. I like it…

  2. “Hello!

    Our company develop the synchronization between FreshBooks and MS Outlook. GrabSync FreshBooks plugin makes it easy to import and invoice your clients and customers from MS Outlook without having to re-enter their data into FreshBooks.

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