Ingredients for Successful Open Source Projects

As posted on the FreshBooks Blog:

I posted about PHP on Trax recently, and Daniel just came across this post about PHP on Trax. Brace yourself, it’s not a glowing review…but if you notice the date, and make your way through the comments, you’ll see the tune changes.

The post is interesting to me because it is a timely snapshot of an open source movement in its infancy.  It also highlights some key ingredients for successful open source movements:

1) open source projects demand excellent documentation (see DH’s comments)
2) open source movements need bodies (i.e. people to contribute)
3) open source projects can evolve very very quickly

Hopefully the PHP community will get behind a framework and make it happen.  If you know any PHP developers, encourage them to lend a hand.  There is no reason why PHP on Trax or some other PHP Framework can’t rival Ruby on Rails… as Mark Evans my friend and fellow co-founder of the mesh conference says, “it takes a community to raise a child.”

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