Mark Vs. Mark – Is the Internet Boring or What?

Mark Cuban put up a great post this morning about how boring the internet really is. I think the main point he’s trying to make is that it’s not the “internet” that is new and exciting, it’s the applications that are so much cheaper and easier to build that are now changing the world:

Its the brainpower that is changing our world. THe internet is just a utility to deliver the digital bits they create.

I tend to agree with Mark Cuban because he is right about the countless cool new applications that are popping up mainly because of the low cost to build them, and not because of any remarkable breakthrough in the internet.

Mark Evans disagrees wholeheartedly with Cuban saying that there really are a lot of people out there that have no idea how powerful the internet has become:

Mark, it’s a nice rant but you can’t be totally serious to claim the Internet is more than “just a utility to deliver the digital bits” created by entrepreneurs or kids. To be honest, you need to step back from the fire and realize how many people have little clue about the Web’s capability and power.

Perhaps this is a Canadian vs. American viewpoint because in a lot of ways we Canadians are lagging behind the US when it comes to utilizing the web’s power.

Either way, I think both Marks agree that the explosion of creative and remarkably useful web applications being released every day are really good things, both for the consumer and the entrepreneur.

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