About Writing a Blog…

Stowe dropped by and wrote another great post on the FreshBooks Blog.  This one focuses on blogging and why small business owners should blog.  There is useful content in there for any blogger though, and that is why I am posting it here. He touches on some of the reasons to even bother blogging, and more importantly, gives excellent guidance on how to do it well.

In Zen Buddhism, there is a concept known as the sudden school: that it is possible to become enlightened in a single moment, without years of training, based on even a single interaction with the right teacher. Bam! One well-pitched Zen Koan — “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” — and you are shaken to your core, and the world never seems the same again.

I think the same thunderstrike of insight can happen — in a much more modest way — when someone “gets” what blogs are, and sees what they can do for a solo practitioner or small business. I don’t mean to suggest that in a single moment all of the labor and love involved in blogging gets compressed to zero, but that it is possible to grasp the dynamics of social media and its benefits in just one exposure to the right description. Which I am setting about to do, here, after blogging for six years or so.

Here is the whole article.

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