Measure The Success of Your Web Application

One of the reasons I love web apps – and internet marketing in general – is that you can track everything. Gone are the days that you pay for a TV spot and *hope* it does something. The internet has brought a new paradigm of measurement for all things marketing and product use related.

It’s been a goal of mine to share my knowledge about running web applications so that others can be successful in building and growing their web services. In this vein I wrote a feature for that explains how you can measure the success of you web application. If you have any marketing background, the principles behind this piece will be old news to you. But I’d like to think there is some value in there for anyone, especially first time entrepreneurs who are building a web app. Check it out.

On a side note, at the time of writing this post I noticed there are no comments on the article. It only went live about four hours ago, but the thinkvitamin readers usually get their articles by RSS and are frequent commenters on articles (there are some on Digg here). For example, I have already received an offer to share application funnel data because I included this call to action at the end:

Shout out to those of you who run web services: I’d love to know how your conversion funnel is doing so that I can aggregate some data and share it with entrepreneurs who are trying to get started. Shoot me an email if you would like to participate. Thanks.”

What is interesting about that is I put no call to action for comments in my article. It’s my mistake and something I will learn from. As a rule of thumb, in any piece you write for a publication where comments are enabled, it’s a good idea to *ask* for comments, especially in this world where journalism is a conversation and your readers often have at least as much knowledge as you.

3 thoughts on “Measure The Success of Your Web Application

  1. Although the principles are old, and in my previous roles to logic consistent I think its written in a way that everyone can understand, learn from and take action. I love the ‘do the mum test’ as I wish more folks would do that – us at times too!

  2. I like the concept but exactly how do you measure the success?

  3. Check out the article…should be pretty clear after that.

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