What's the Big Deal?

We released our ground mail service today. Someone bought 100 stamps within the first 90 seconds. That’s a nice validation.

The real story with our release today is this: countless businesses that are STUCK in the old/offline world and trying to get to the web so they can leverage the benefits of the internet (cost savings, streamlined processes, improved client relations). Not many services are really assisting them with the transition, nor are many Web 2.0 services helping to facilitate traditional offline activities (Flickr offering to print and send photo albums is a nice example of someone who is doing this). I think there is a huge market and a huge need for services that help bridge this gap and do not simply turn their back on those users that need some aspect of their experience to be an offline experience.

Our ground mail offering is a nice example of where things are heading, and how companies like FreshBooks are empowering individuals and small businesses with tools that those individuals and small businesses could not otherwise afford to possess…more services will do similar things in the coming months and years, and I am delighted about this fact. That’s the big deal.

Marshall TechCrunched us here:

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