Joe Kraus On How Things Are His Second Time Around

As posted on the FreshBooks blog: 

Here’s some more food for thought from “Founders at Work” for those of you who are tracking Web 2.0. While it’s a little out of context because Joe Kraus – founder of Excite and Jotspot (a wiki service recently sold to Google) – was answering the question, “What important lessons did you learn at Excite that you carried over to Jotspot?”, I think it’s also a good indication of how much different this boom is than the first internet bubble:

“Get the legs of the business underneath it before you run terribly fast. We were always playing catch-up at Excite and I never liked the feeling.”

He also said:

“The hardest part in a start-up is you wake up one morning and you feel great about the day, and you think, “We’re kicking ass.” And then you wake up the next morning , and you think, “We’re dead.” And literally nothing has changed.

If you’ve ever been there you know that’s funny because it’s true.

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