Bottom Up Financing

Last year I spent a lot of time talking about bottom up marketing.  Looks like we are starting to see a lot of bottom up financing too.  Consider my mesh partner Rob Hyndman – a technology lawyer who sees a lot of companies and ideas well before any VC.  So now he’s put out a call to Toronto angels, and with the fallout from the disintegration of the Toronto venture group, his timing couldn’t be better.

You know a smart VC really ought to partner with Rob.  In the meantime, bottom’s up.

2 thoughts on “Bottom Up Financing

  1. There is a whole change happening right now. Guys like Rick Segal and Rob who are blogging, along (hopefully) with sites like startupnorth, and entrepreneurs who are blogging like you are, are all creating a new TVG. Trust and track-record based.

    All these loose connections are starting to mean something. Rob and Suzie are THE lawyers for Startups in Toronto because they blog, likewise, Rick is THE vc we all look to.

    We lack some angels who blog, but that will come.

    Welcome to the new TVG. Have a post coming on the idea soon. 😉

  2. nice Jevon. Just wanted to let you know about a Toronto angel who is also a terrific blogger Jesse Rasch:

    And there is also Austin (even though technically he is in Montreal):

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