Rules I Like

Behind successes there are usually cultures.  Cultures are often based on unwritten rules.  Here are a few I like:
Hat tip to Venture Beat:

Sequoia Capital’s $100 rule — If partners at the big-name venture capital firm arrive late to a meeting with an entrepreneur, even by a minute, they have to donate $100 to charity. Entrepreneur Noah Kagan confirms this with partner Michael Moritz.

I hear that the Tampa Bay Lightning have a their team logo printed on the floor of their dressing room. Anyone who walks on it has to pay $150 (or thereabouts)…I’m not sure where the money goes and I don’t really care.  It’s about respect.

I like these rules.

One thought on “Rules I Like

  1. I love the “late to a meeting” fee idea hugely. I try my best to be fairly prompt for most meetings, and hate the time I spend twiddling my thumbs waiting, because I don’t want to get my mind back into some other work for what could be only 30 seconds, except sometimes is 5 minutes.

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