Shape the Direction of the Canadian Internet

From my fellow mesh founder Stuart MacDonald’s blog:

As Chair of the Nominating Committee, I’ve been remiss in not mentioning that the CIRA Board Elections are happening now. If you own a .ca domain, this is your chance to influence the direction of the Internet in Canada, and I would encourage you to check out who is running, what they think, and to vote!

Nice selections Stuart.

If you are interested in shaping the direction of internet use in Canada, cast your vote.

Switched to FEEDBURNER – Please Update YOUR Feed URL

I have seen some issues reading my feed this week with the naked XML file.  The XML URL works for some, but not for others…don’t know why.

I switched to Feedburner a little while ago and those that are on the Feedburnder feed seem to be unaffected by the “issue”.  [Ironcially the Feedburner feed comes from the naked XML file…go figure].  Anyways, please switch to my Feedburner feed…you can find it here:


Go Leafs Go

Tonight’s the night.  Legendary Leaf fan Greg Albisser has the call below.

If you are not a Leaf fan, you probably will not get this…scratch that.  If you are not a HARDCORE Leaf fan you probably won’t get this:


hope you’re wellwood,

so what time should we be-lak your place.

not sure if i’ll take a kaberle or walk but i’ll get there.

i’m so excited i’m keithacton all goofy today.

i’ll be sure to ring your bel-fore when i get there.


My First Appearance in Print

Backbone Mag published my letter to the editor. Go here to read the article.

On a side note it was published yesterday and I received a phone call (that’s how I found out about it). It was the second time in one day I heard from an owner who was frustrated because of the services of a third rate SEO company. Apparently the quality SEO’s like Anicon are hard to find. I know at Anicon we make no outbound sales calls. I am considering an article on “red flags” for SEO providers. Sales calls are usually red flag #1.

Getting the Ball Rolling… 1st Post

My name is Michael McDerment and this is my blog. I am an entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant.  Since 1999 I have been consulting with companies to help them get more from the Internet.  Since late 2000 I have been teaching people how to make web sites at Humber College and the Learning Annex. Since 2003 my primary focus has been building 2ndSite.

Why am I writing a blog? Who knows. I have founded two start ups, Anicon (Internet Marketing Consultants) and 2ndSite (online invoicing, customer help desk and timesheet service). But why blog? For kicks I guess. That said, some might say I have worthwhile prospective on many things Internet related. It is a fascinating space and I see opportunities everywhere. In fact, there are a hundred things I would do on the Internet if I had the time, and perhaps those hundred things will make for interesting future reading…